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The Ultimate Synthwave / Retro Electro Playlist is a comprehensive, genre-defining collection of synthwave music featuring a highly curated collection of songs from nearly 300 artists. Started in late 2012, the playlist has consistently featured the best new and underground music in the scene, and since 2014, it has remained the most popular and most followed independent playlist dedicated solely to the synthwave genre. It is the official playlist of the Neon Order.

Like the synthwave genre itself, the Ultimate Synthwave playlist undergoes constant evolution. Old tracks are steadily weeded out as new, more talented, and more innovative songwriters contribute their work to the scene. Every song that goes into the playlist is previewed at least once, and often multiple times, ensuring the quality of the mix remains consistently high. Roughly 20,000 songs have been previewed for the playlist. On average, only 1 in 20 songs make the cut. For more information on how music is defined for the list, check out the article What is Synthwave? 2018 Edition.

As with all music promotions from Iron Skullet, the emphasis for the playlist remains on choosing the best music within the genre regardless of where the artist’s work has been promoted and whether or not it’s backed by a record label. No artist is too new or too small to be included in the playlist, and music is always being considered for the list through the submissions page.

Check out What is Synthwave? 2018 Edition for more info on the genre

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