Traditional Heavy Metal – The Playlist

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This traditional metal playlist on Spotify is dedicated to the sounds of ‘80s heavy metal and the closely related speed metal and American power metal styles. Examples of bands at the heart of this mix include Judas Priest, Armored Saint, and Dio. The playlist focuses on releases throughout the ‘80s and into the early ‘90s, as well as select albums from the new wave of traditional heavy metal that began in the late ‘00s. The playlist emphasizes recordings with mid to high production values. For more information on how the music is defined and chosen for this list, check out The History of Heavy Metal Part I: The Difference Between Metal and Heavy Metal.

The goal for this mix is to be a comprehensive collection of quality music within a stylistically narrow genre. There are two closely related playlists to this one, including NWOTHM, which is exclusive to artists making music from the late ‘00s to present, and ‘80s Underground Metal, which focuses on independent and small label releases from the decade with gritty production values.

Artwork by Clyde Caldwell, 1985.

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