Cybersynth – The Playlist

It is the year 2043. Synthwave cities now lie in ruins, and a new music genre rules the streets. This is the future. This is cybersynth.

Listen to the Cybersynth playlist here.

The Cybersynth playlist is built around synth music with sci-fi and cyberpunk themes. In many cases, it would be difficult to classify the artists in the list as synthwave, with creators like Astral Tales, Neon Droid, and 3Force creating new music that pushes further away from outrun and the other traditional sounds of synthwave.

This genre was pioneered on albums like Mega Drive’s 198XAD and OGRE’s 195 and has been growing steadily over time. Although early cybersynth was grouped in with darksynth, the rapid evolution of the two styles has made the split between them more apparent with each passing year.

In contrast with the highly experimental and rhtyhmic sounds of modern darksynth, music in this list focuses on clear, articulate melodies and rhythms. The Cybersynth playlist includes dark and aggressive tracks, ambient space pieces, and brighter creations including those with chiptune melodies, and it is a more direct spiritual evolution of the original synthwave sound than darksynth is in 2018.

Cover art by Iron Skullet.

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