Song Premiere: Ace Marino – The Flamingo Returns

synthwave album cover art of ace marino with mustache and mullet standing in purple room with neon flamingo lights

If traditional synthwave is a sunset drive, then “The Flamingo Returns” is the nightclub destination. The track’s infectious synths pour through the song with easy confidence, its crisp bass beats and detailed melodic hooks mingling casually with an elusive vocal track. 

The result pays tribute to classics like Kavinsky’s “Nightcall” while redirecting synthwave toward a new decade with updated production and songwriting. Check out the full song below.   

Fans will remember Ace Marino’s debut, Cocaine Flamingo, as an excellent effort with a classic synthwave sound. It’s clear the time since then has been spent rethinking, refining, and retooling the artist’s approach to his craft.

The four minutes of hook-heavy synth bliss on “The Flamingo Returns” signals exciting things for the artist’s second album, scheduled for release later this year through FiXT Neon.

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