Song Premiere: The Alphabet Zero – Tonight

pink synthwave cover art for The Alphabet Zero song Tonight

The Alphabet Zero has been quickly building a name and following through a series of excellent new pop synthwave tracks, including 2017’s “Friends Don’t Lie” and last year’s “The City is a Ghost,” both of which featured the warm and inviting vocal approach of Kellie Besch. Today, the act releases another melodic synth jewel into the world with “Tonight,” led by an emotive singing performance from Brad Beal. Check out the full song below and find it on all major platforms today.     

“Tonight” rolls nostalgic synth tones into an upbeat and accessible rock-flavored track, tempering it with impassioned lyrics and Beal’s wistful vocal delivery. The result is a compelling blend of music styles that tells a story of heartache and hope, and the complex emotional content adds valuable depth to its commercial pop package.   

“Tonight” will be featured alongside a new mix of “The City is a Ghost” on the upcoming Ghost of You EP, set to be released on July 19, 2019. Based on the strength of the two singles released from the EP so far, Ghost of You is likely to be a sleeper hit with fans of the popwave style that has caught on in the past two years and continues to deliver some of the best new music in the broader synthwave genre. 

The Alphabet Zero sitting in front of projected city photo in Iron Skullet song premiere

About The Alphabet Zero

The Alphabet Zero is a popwave act from Nashville, TN. Comprised of primary artist Andy Walker, the group is bolstered by Brad Beal, who performs vocals and live drums, and Kellie Besch, a vocalist and solo artist who also contributes live keys to the group.

In addition to hook-heavy tracks like “Tonight,” Walker creates powerful ambient and cinematic works under The Alphabet Zero name, most recently on the Foyer motion picture soundtrack in collaboration with Makeup and Vanity Set. When Walker and company turn their attention to pop music, the trio’s ability to craft subtle pieces shaded with complex, real-world lyrics and emotion puts them in an exclusive group of up-and-coming creators.

Pre-orders for the Ghost of You EP will go live on the artist’s Bandcamp page later this month.

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