Song Premiere: Mega Drive – Gun Hag

chrome letter synthwave cover art with cybernetic wires for Mega Drive's Gun Hag

It’s been five years since Mega Drive unleashed the cult classic 198XAD on the world. Now, the creator is returning to the sound and songwriting style of his most iconic album with a direct, full-length sequel. “Gun Hag” is the first single off the upcoming 199XAD, and it revisits the gritty, cybernetic vision of the future established by its predecessor. Check out the full song in the video below, courtesy of The 80s Guy.

On “Gun Hag,” blistering synths fire out over a rhythm section that feels like the footfall of a doomsday device. Mega Drive keeps the chaos in check with subtle breaks and articulate melodies, balancing the ferocity of the attack with a clear-headed composition. It’s an aggressive and atmospheric piece that confirms Mega Drive’s status as an elite creator working in synthwave’s dark side. 

“Gun Hag” is just one piece of a diverse tracklist on 199XAD that includes uptempo bruisers and low-key, cinematic entries alike, and it’s not a stretch to say the new album is the artist’s best release to date. The full recording will be available later this year through FiXT Neon

About Mega Drive

The enigmatic creator behind the Mega Drive project has established himself as one of the most visionary creators in synthwave, and early releases like VHS, Hardwired, and 198XAD remain foundational releases in the darksynth and cyberpunk synthwave outgrowths of the main genre. 

Never content to lean on past successes, Mega Drive has consistently evolved his sound and style to embrace new creative approaches, and every album has its own distinctive style. For many fans, however, 198XAD remains the artist’s most well-realized and immersive audio experience, and the news of a follow-up recording will make more than a few people happy. 

Not only is Mega Drive still going strong, it seems his past releases were simply priming the engine.

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