Song Spotlight: Oliver Marson – Cocaine Romance

drawing of a purple skull cover art for post-punk song Oliver Marson Cocaine Romance

Every now and then an artist comes along with a debut single that pulls him from the shadows of a densely crowded music world and drops him into the light. Oliver Marson, riding the strength of his new single “Cocaine Romance,” is just such an artist. Retro synth tones unite with nostalgic, reverb-heavy guitar riffs across an irresistible bassline while Marson ties it all together with his rich and naturally dark vocal performance.

The result is a highly addictive track guaranteed to latch onto your ear drums and remain rooted in your skull long after the final notes have faded. Check out the full song in the Lynchian, neon-noir video below. 

Marson wrote the song in a period of transition in his life, the type of existential flux that generates introspection, longing, and an occasionally surreal view of reality. When a friend of Marson’s began dating a drug dealer, it led the artist to entertain daydreams of what his friend might be up to in the sordid underground world of his imagination. These daydreams were set to a soundtrack of ’80s new wave music, and as his mind wandered, the vision for a new sound and video aesthetic became clear in his mind. That vision led to “Cocaine Romance,” the first track from a solo project that redirects his career into more personal territory. 

The track is live on Spotify today and deserves to be included in any mix of new wave, post-punk and darkwave music.

About Oliver Marson

Oliver Marson is a London-based artist who pulls inspiration from a variety of creators, noting music from The Smiths and David Bowie alongside films from Alejandro Jodorowsky and David Lynch among his greatest influences. Where other artists aim for a polished, glamorous look, Marson instead embraces the flawed nature of humanity and writes music about some of our darkest impulses. The noir-ish video for “Cocaine Romance” perfectly reflects the grimly unusual world of Marson’s mind and delivers it all with a knowing smile.

“Cocaine Romance” is the first effort from the artist’s solo project following the dissolution of his previous band, Bahama Bleach, and it establishes a new and more creatively fertile direction for his music. Combining a wealth of influences into a cohesive and exciting style, “Cocaine Romance” signals strong things ahead for Oliver Marson.

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