Song Premiere: 3Force – Future Frame

neon synthwave cover art of man in spaceship for cover of 3Force Future Frame

3Force return to their roots with a firestorm of sci-fi synthwave on the invigorating new track, “Future Frame.” The Russian trio is at their best when they temper their electronic assault with carefully balanced song compositions, and “Future Frame” pulls listeners from a tense, darkly atmospheric intro to adrenaline-filled peaks with remarkable patience and execution.

The result is a gripping piece of retrofuturistic audio that deserves a listen from every fan of synthwave’s darker, cyberpunk side. 

Dive into the full song in the video below. 

Fans who loved the epic and frequently hard-hitting Resistance album may have been surprised this year to experience a serene, introspective side to 3Force through their recent singles. “Future Frame” proves the Russian trio have more than enough fuel for uptempo EDM tracks, and the new song promises plenty of diversity for their upcoming third album. 

“Future Frame” is available on most platforms today and will be out everywhere tomorrow. Add it now on Spotify.

About 3Force

3Force synthwave band logo

3Force is a Russian synthwave trio known for their elaborate compositions and dystopian sci-fi themes. After dropping a pair of hard-hitting albums to start their career, 3Force has been on a fresh creative trajectory in 2019 with a series of new singles. For the first time ever, 3Force has introduced vocal tracks to their fans, including the quietly introspective tracks “Promise” featuring Megan McDuffee and “Lost & Found” with Raizer on vocals.

The diversity of the new tracks represents the group’s commitment to exploring future possibilities for synthwave music while continuing to evolve and expand as artists.

3Force’s newest full-length album will be available later this year through synthwave record label FiXT Neon.

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