Song Spotlight: Mecha Maiko, Vandal Moon – Meet Me at the Arcade

Mecha Maiko Let's cover art

Hayley Stewart has left her mark across the synthwave genre in a variety of notable ways, from her dark synthpop creations as part of Dead Astronauts to her guest vocalist spots on quirky tracks like Betamaxx’s “Something Else,” and most recently, on her brand new second album as Mecha Maiko, Let’s!

There are plenty of chunky, melodic tracks on to enjoy on Let’s!, though a collaboration with Vandal Moon early in the tracklist on “Meet Me at the Arcade” provides one of the recording’s most satisfying entries.

“Meet Me at the Arcade” leans into a low-key groove accented by an array of percussive accents, forming a playfully mechanical backdrop against which Stewart and Vandal Moon can deliver their duet. 

A notable artist in his own right with a pair of highly enjoyable albums from the post-punk and darkwave revival under his belt, Vandal Moon’s vocal contribution is a carefully laid back one, his voice balancing evenly with the soft delivery of Stewart’s for a perfectly understated song high on enthusiasm and positive retro vibes.

The song moves surprisingly quickly, and its high melodic appeal helps its three-and-a-half minutes slip by soon enough to encourage repeat listens. 

I’ve argued elsewhere that Mecha Maiko is one of the very few synthwave-related acts creating synthpop music, and the new album is chock full of fun and engaging synthpop tunes worth a listen from fans. Let’s! is available now on all major platforms. 

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