Music curator and influencer. Creator of the world’s finest synthwave playlist.

My musical tastes lean toward the ’80s and its revival, particularly traditional heavy metal and synthpop. I enjoy other subgenres of metal and new wave music, as well as industrial, video game soundtracks, and dungeon synth.

I enjoy the task of building stylistically narrow and comprehensive playlists on Spotify. This is a means of providing myself with drawing soundtracks as well as an opportunity to apply my listening skills to the process of defining (and redefining) musical genres.

Drawing is my greatest pleasure in life. I specialize in comic book-style illustrations and revel in fantasy and science fiction, particularly when I can incorporate horror elements. I sometimes whip up illustrations in Photoshop, but the tactile pleasure of pencil and India ink on paper makes physical mediums my preferred way to work. My sense of humor tends to be ironic and absurd, and I am most content in life when that humor finds its way into my artwork.

Contact me with inquiries, commissions, and other work opportunities. If you just want to connect and chat about music, that’s cool too.