I’m Preston Avery, aka Iron Skullet, the A&R rep for the synthwave record label FiXT Neon and the electronic rock record label FiXT. I’m also an independent synthwave journalist and playlist curator. 

I first started following synthwave around 2011 when I came across Tesla Boy’s Modern Thrills, Miami Nights 1984’s Early Summer, and Lazerhawk’s Redline albums. I soon began curating playlists based on the genre, the earliest of which is the Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist on Spotify with over 80K followers.

As synthwave has evolved and branched out into new styles, I’ve worked hard to build new playlists and make sense of the patterns that have emerged through my genre articles. Of course, I also like mentioning some of my favorite recordings in my Top 10 lists.

To date, I’ve listened to somewhere over 25,000 synthwave albums from around 2,500 different artists. I haven’t stopped combing through the genre yet and I’m always eager to find great new creators, whether it’s to sign them to FiXT Neon or to add their tracks to playlists for more people to hear.

My goal as a music journalist, playlister, and record label representative is to push back against the misguided cultural perception that all good music is popular and all popular music is good.

I’m always accepting submissions for my playlists and reviews, and I work tirelessly to find the best music in the world, no matter how obscure it may be.

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