Commission Feedback or a Review

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Nothing brings more legitimacy to a new album than an in-depth review, and a high score can have a lasting impact on an audience’s perception of an album. However, quality reviews are hard to come by in the world of synthwave, and the highly polished reviews by Iron Skullet are in high demand.

Iron Skullet has earned his reputation as the most honest voice in the genre, and with years of professional writing experience in his background, his reviews are also expertly written and presented.

Preston, aka Iron Skullet, is currently accepting commissions for synthwave album reviews and private feedback. Please note that commissioning a review does not guarantee a positive score. The grading scale runs from 0 to 100, and Iron Skullet may assign a score to your album anywhere in that range.

There are currently four options to commission feedback and reviews for albums and singles. Unless otherwise discussed, all feedback and reviews can be completed within 10 days of payment.

Email Iron Skullet at for more information on commissions or to send your music after sending payment.

1. Public review for an EP or full-length album.

Commissioning a full review ensures an honest, well-written review from Iron Skullet. This commission includes the time it takes to listen to your music and formulate an opinion while writing the review, which means you won’t know the final score of the review until it is published. If you are confident in the strength of your music, or simply curious to hear what Iron Skullet has to say, this is the option for you.

2. Private feedback for an EP or full-length album.

If you would like in-depth feedback on an album or an idea of what a full review might look like, this is the option for you. Iron Skullet will thoroughly listen to your album and give you his thoughts with an estimate of what a final review score would be. With this option, you will still need to commission a full review afterward, though you may use it for work-in-progress, pre-releases, or just for honest feedback about your music. 

3. Public write-up for a single.

Public write-ups for single songs do not contain a final score, but include Iron Skullet’s signature writing style and honest opinion. As with the commission for an EP or album review, Iron Skullet will not indicate the nature of the write-up or his opinion on your music before it’s published.

4. Private feedback for a single.

If you’d like feedback on a song you’d written but don’t want it to be made public, choose this option. Iron Skullet will listen closely and offer his thoughts on your song via email. If you want a public write-up afterward, you will still need to commission one separately.  

If you’d like to be considered for a playlist without a review or feedback, please submit your music using the form on the submissions page.

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