Rating: 90 / 100 “Beckett creates a musical voyage on Five that transports the listener to sun-soaked beaches, neon-hued dance clubs, and thrilling sporting events. It is the soundtrack to an unforgettable vacation, and it captures the essence and nostalgia of the ‘80s better than efforts from nearly all of Beckett’s contemporaries.”

Rating: 69 / 100 “The gritty, authentic, and immensely exciting songs that open the album are valuable contributions to an NWOTHM scene that is frequently too glossy and polished for its own good. Yet Visions in the Night quickly slumps into bargain bin material for the remainder of its running time with uninspired riffs, repetitive song structures, and grating vocal performances.”

Rating: 18 / 100 “Dreamrider is a grating and often tedious effort that would be an underachiever as a debut album, even in 2012. As a release from an established artist in 2017, dropped into an ocean of synthwave music highlighted by brilliant and innovative songwriters from around the world, Dreamrider is a tragic offering that provides no comfort for fans who waited four years to hear from Lazerhawk.”

Rating: 67 / 100 “Twisting the Blade is at its best when it produces fist-pumping, headbanging old school heavy metal with a gritty attitude. When it delivers, it does it as well as any album in contemporary heavy metal. Unfortunately, the band’s attempts at diversifying the song selection tend to backfire, revealing their relatively limited songwriting abilities.”

Rating: 83 / 100 “In a year when several of synthwave’s founding artists have struggled to create quality music, Overvad delivers a meaningful tribute to the sounds of Synthwave 1.0. His intelligent and innovative approach to songwriting frequently surpasses the repetitive structure of his inspirations, offering a fresh reminder of what made synthwave great in the first place.”