Rating: 79 / 100 “Apocalyptic riffing, vicious drumming, and savage vocals delivered with a signature snarl give Ram’s latest full-length effort an attractive sound, though Rod is laden with awkward compositional choices that ensure the album can’t compete with the Swedish band’s past efforts in heavy metal tyranny.”


Rating: 62 / 100 “Mediocre sound production offers little depth, the instrumental songwriting leans toward lethargy, and the vocals and lyrics are steeped in adolescent sentimentality. Listening to The Midnight is like trying to make a meal out of marshmallows: it’s sweet at first but ultimately lacks substance and staying power.”

Rating: 90 / 100 “Beckett creates a musical voyage on Five that transports the listener to sun-soaked beaches, neon-hued dance clubs, and thrilling sporting events. It is the soundtrack to an unforgettable vacation, and it captures the essence and nostalgia of the ‘80s better than efforts from nearly all of Beckett’s contemporaries.”

Rating: 69 / 100 “The gritty, authentic, and immensely exciting songs that open the album are valuable contributions to an NWOTHM scene that is frequently too glossy and polished for its own good. Yet Visions in the Night quickly slumps into bargain bin material for the remainder of its running time with uninspired riffs, repetitive song structures, and grating vocal performances.”