Rating: 88 / 100 “Sunset Neon takes tremendous risks with his willingness to tackle a different musical style on every song. With relatively minor exceptions, the risks pay off. Starlight’s immaculate production and glossy vocals offer a wealth of mainstream-friendly music that can hook listeners on the very first spin.”


Rating: 79 / 100 “Apocalyptic riffing, vicious drumming, and savage vocals delivered with a signature snarl give Ram’s latest full-length effort an attractive sound, though Rod is laden with awkward compositional choices that ensure the album can’t compete with the Swedish band’s past efforts in heavy metal tyranny.”

Rating: 90 / 100 “Beckett creates a musical voyage on Five that transports the listener to sun-soaked beaches, neon-hued dance clubs, and thrilling sporting events. It is the soundtrack to an unforgettable vacation, and it captures the essence and nostalgia of the ‘80s better than efforts from nearly all of Beckett’s contemporaries.”