Playlist: Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave

neon synthwave spacewave playlist art by Fedor Barkhatov

Cover art by Fedor Barkhatov

Iron Skullet’s Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave playlist offers an atmospheric musical journey through the depths of outer space. The playlist focuses on ambient and cinematic retro synth tracks with minimal percussion and outer space themes, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for creating, concentrating, or just relaxing.

This music is a love letter to ’80s film scores such as Tangerine Dream’s Thief and Vangelis’ Blade Runner, and in many cases, it holds the strongest stylistic connection to that era of any form of synthwave.

The Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave list is perhaps the most carefully curated collection of music in all of Iron Skullet’s synthwave playlists. The goal for this mix is to create a collection of beautiful and subtly melodic pieces that generate a true sense of drifting through space. From optimistically adventurous to chillingly dark, this list contains a virtual universe of music to explore.

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