Playlist: Cyberpunk Synthwave (Cybersynth)

neon blue and pink cyberpunk synthwave playlist cover art

Cover art by Nick Sullo

It is the year 2043. Synthwave cities now lie in ruins, and a new music genre rules the streets. This is the future. This is cybersynth.

Iron Skullet’s Cyberpunk Synthwave playlist focuses on melodic synthwave music with neon-noir science fiction and cyberpunk themes. This outgrowth of the main genre takes synthwave’s retrofuturistic underpinnings and applies them directly to a 1980s vision of sci-fi worlds. 

In essence, cyberpunk synthwave is the answer to the question, “What type of electronic music would the citizens of Blade Runner‘s Los Angeles listen to?” 

This sci-fi evolution of synthwave has its roots directly in darksynth, though the two styles have been splitting and developing distinct personalities in recent years. While darksynth moves deeper into experimental rhythmic compositions with heavily distorted synth bass and crunchy electric guitar, cyberpunk synthwave maintains clear melodies and crisp, hard-hitting EDM beats. 

Ray Gun Hero’s “Sector 12-B” from 2019 is an excellent example of cyberpunk synthwave music.

While darksynth is the musical equivalent of a glitchy, electronic portal to hell in a ruined church, cybersynth represents a future world with flying cars, cybernetic soldiers, and memory implants.  

In many ways, cyberpunk synthwave is a direct spiritual evolution of the original synthwave sound and is both literally and conceptually the future of the genre. 

Of course, the best way to appreciate this vision of the future is to dive into the playlist and enjoy the best songs the style has to offer.

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