Playlist: Darksynth

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Iron Skullet’s Darksynth playlist represents the extreme, left-hand path evolution of synthwave music. This style is increasingly defined by brutal rhythm sections, shredding guitar work, and an atmospheric style that is the equivalent of a glitched-out, digital portal to hell.

Although this style has its roots in the synthwave genre, darksynth has evolved rapidly and dramatically over the years and now constitutes its own, separate genre of music

Darksynth creators are especially notable for their willingness to experiment with new and original ideas, ranging from effects-heavy trap to chiptune-flavored digital speed metal. Perturbator has arguably shaped and propelled the evolution of the genre more than any other single creator, moving from minimal retro synth music on early releases like Night Driving Avenger into brutal, rhythmic, and industrial-tinged EDM creations on New Model.

Gregorio Franco’s recent creations fall near the very center of the modern style of darksynth music, and his “Eternal Nightmare” track is an excellent example of the style. 

This darksynth playlist focuses only on the modern form of darksynth music and includes the heaviest, most violent creations in the genre. This is a speaker and eardrum-destroying mix that is best played at high volume.

Read Why Darksynth Deserves its Own Genre for more information on how and why the style differs from its older sibling, synthwave.

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