Playlist: Outrun Electro (Old School Synthwave)

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The Outrun Electro (True Synthwave) playlist is dedicated to the original sounds of the synthwave genre and includes music from artists like Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, and Lost Years.

In the formative days of synthwave, the genre was most commonly known as “outrun,” or frequently, “outrun electro.” Although the name synthwave has become the go-to descriptor for the entire genre, outrun remains relevant as a descriptor for the specific style of music that was prevalent in the late ‘00s and early ‘10s.

This style of music has become almost non-existent within the modern synthwave genre, making its signature style more unique, and more nostalgic, than ever.

The Outrun Electro (True Synthwave) playlist features tracks with dramatically retro synthesizer tones, brightly melodic songwriting, and influences from retro disco and electro. If you’re already missing the glory days and sounds of synthwave, this is the playlist you’re looking for. 

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