The Iron Skullet blog is always accepting submissions for possible inclusion in The Ultimate Synthwave Playlist (40K+ followers). New additions are moved to the top of the playlist for one month, where they receive a high number of plays. Due to the high volume of submissions for the playlist, we ask a fee for our time processing your request and providing feedback on your music.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment does not buy inclusion into any playlists. Instead, your payment is for the time we invest in listening to your album and considering it for promotion. Once payment is received, we will carefully listen to every song submitted and reply with constructive feedback about the music within five days.

If the music is determined to meet the standards of the playlist, we will add the songs we select to the playlist on the following Friday. We may also extend an offer to commission a review at that point.

Payment does not guarantee inclusion to any playlists
The Iron Skullet blog does not respond with feedback to submissions sent without payment

Please send a Spotify album link and an email address along with your payment (you can use the contact form below if needed)

Submit your single (1 song) for feedback and possible playlist inclusion. (2 USD)

Submit your EP (6 songs or fewer) for feedback and possible playlist inclusion. (6 USD)

Submit your full-length album (7 songs or greater) for feedback and possible playlist inclusion. (10 USD)

Contact Form
Please use the following contact form to send links to your music and any comments about your paid submission. We will not respond with feedback to any submissions sent through this form without payment.