banner image of the artwork for Iron Skullet's synthwave retro electro playlist

I’m currently taking submissions for the Synthwave / Retro Electro Playlist¬†on Spotify, which has over 75,000 followers. Any submissions sent here will also be considered for my other playlists, such as the Darksynth and Popwave / Dreamwave¬†lists.

Simply send a Spotify link to your music through the form below and I will listen personally and send a reply with my decision.

Please remember that Spotify does not pay its playlist makers and I take submissions and maintain my playlists for free. If you’d like to help me keep submissions open and continue to support artists like yourself, please contribute to my Patreon.

For more in-depth support for your music, you can also commission a review or personal feedback. For pre-releases, email me at

I’m looking forward to hearing your music,
Preston / Iron Skullet