banner image of the artwork for Iron Skullet's synthwave retro electro playlist

ATTN: We have a new submissions process for FiXT Neon and are accepting music through the official website here. Please send all submissions for the record label through that page going forward.

If you’d like to submit for my personal playlists and blog in addition to or instead of the record label, please use the form below as usual. I will consider anything sent here for my Spotify playlists, including the Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist with 82K followers. 

Please note: it is not necessary to send multiple links to Spotify, etc. If your music is in the ballpark in terms of style and quality, I will click around on your other songs before I reply with a decision about anything.

For general messages and other non-submisssions, send an email to

The Synthwave / Retro Electro list is better than ever! Take a listen and follow the playlist to enjoy regular updates.