Rating: 95 / 100 “Cosmic Boundaries is arguably the finest release from Phaserland to date, and once the shape and overall composition of the album become familiar, it can be enjoyed from start to finish without a single dip or break in its overall quality. The many inspired touches amid Phaserland’s careful compositions are a joy to discover and experience, and the true brilliance of the recording becomes clearer on each consecutive playthrough.”

Rating: 86 / 100 “Archeosynth is an undeniably spirited and original creation that succeeds in the artist’s goal to create a synth-based exploration of themes of ancient civilizations. The result is a satisfying conceptual voyage into history, science fiction, and superstition. The bold innovation and undeniable technical skill on display make Archeosynth one of the most remarkable albums of the year, even if some of its songs tend to be more rewarding than others.”

Rating: 83 / 100 “In a year when several of synthwave’s founding artists have struggled to create quality music, Overvad delivers a meaningful tribute to the sounds of Synthwave 1.0. His intelligent and innovative approach to songwriting frequently surpasses the repetitive structure of his inspirations, offering a fresh reminder of what made synthwave great in the first place.”