Synthwave Playlists

Iron Skullet maintains regular updates on multiple synthwave playlists. Each list is designed to provide a distraction-free, stylistically congruent listening experience with the best music in its respective style.  

Synthwave / Retro Electro

The most popular independent synthwave playlist on Spotify, featuring hundreds of artists and a diverse range of songwriting styles. The Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist covers the complete synthwave genre and has over 75,000 followers.
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Popwave / Dreamwave

Focused on the hottest new evolution of synthwave music, the Popwave / Dreamwave playlist is built around beloved artists like The Midnight, Timecop1983, and FM-84. The mix emphasizes vocal tracks.
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Cyberpunk Synthwave (Cybersynth)

Cyberpunk Synthwave is the conceptual music of a retro sci-fi future, effectively answering the question “What do residents of the world of Blade Runner listen to?”
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Containing the darkest and heaviest creations in the extreme outgrowth of synthwave music, this Darksynth playlist presents a blood-red vision of a digital hellscape.
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Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave

Take a virtual journey to the depths of outer space with this tightly curated collection of ambient and cinematic synthwave music. Containing adventurous tracks alongside chilling pieces of sci-fi horror, the Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave playlist will transport you to another universe.
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Outrun Electro (True Synthwave)

The Outrun Electro playlist is dedicated to the original sounds of the synthwave genre, formed in the mid to late ‘00s and exemplified by artists like Miami Nights 1984, Lost Years, and Mitch Murder. If you’re already nostalgic for the nostalgia of early synthwave, this is the mix for you.
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