Synthwave Playlists

I maintain regular updates on multiple synthwave playlists. Each list is designed to provide a distraction-free, stylistically harmonious listening experience with the best music in its respective style.   

Synthwave / Retro Electro

Started in early 2013, the Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist is the one of the longest-running synthwave playlists on Spotify, and I continue to make frequent updates to it. It has a broad stylistic focus, covering everything from pop synthwave to some of the cleaner darksynth music in the genre. I completely overhauled this one in 2019 to focus on newer forms of synthwave with higher production quality. The playlist now has over 80,000 followers.
Learn more about the Synthwave / Retro playlist.


 Like a blood-red vision of a digital hellscape, this Darksynth playlist is dedicated to the darkest and heaviest creations in the extreme outgrowth of synthwave music. Recommended for fans of artists like Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, and Dance with the Dead.
Learn more about the Darksynth playlist.

New Retro Pop / Popwave

Dedicated to the space where the lighter, vocal-driven side of synthwave meets the retro synth side of contemporary pop music. Recommended for fans of synthwave artists like FM-84, PRIZM, and The Midnight. All vocal tracks.
Learn more about the New Retro Pop / Popwave playlist.

Chillwave / Chill Synthwave

This relaxing mix of music is dedicated to the chilled out side of the retro synth world and its closely related genres. Great for studying, driving, or just chilling, the Chillwave / Chill Synthwave playlist includes music from artists like Com Truise, Lucy in Disguise, Home, Hello Meteor, and Tycho.

Cyberpunk Synthwave / Cyberpunk Music

Cyberpunk Synthwave is the conceptual music of a sci-fi retrofuture, effectively answering the question “What do residents of the world of Blade Runner listen to?” This list covers futuristic synthwave music as well as modern electronic and EDM with a compatible vibe.
Learn more about the Cyberpunk Synthwave playlist.

Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave

Take a virtual journey to the depths of outer space with this tightly curated collection of ambient and cinematic synthwave music. Containing adventurous tracks alongside chilling pieces of sci-fi horror, the Cinematic Synthwave / Spacewave playlist will transport you to another universe.
Learn more about the Cinematic Synthwave playlist.

Outrun Electro (Old School Synthwave)

The Outrun Electro playlist is dedicated to the early sounds of the synthwave genre, formed in the mid to late ‘00s and exemplified by artists like Miami Nights 1984, Lost Years, and Mitch Murder. If you’re already nostalgic for the nostalgia of early synthwave, this is the mix for you.
Learn more about the Outrun Electro playlist.

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